Cannot send email using TheBat

The most common reasons not to be able to send emails are:

* Wrong TheBat settings;
* Blocked port 25 by the Internet Service provider.

To resolve the problem please try to:

1. Make sure you are using the correct TheBat settings:

* Incoming mail server (POP3/IMAP server):
* Outgoing mail server (SMTP server):
* Username: the full e-mail address like
* SMTP authentication must be enabled for the login to be successful.
IMPORTANT: Please do not use secure authentication to your mail server.

A common mistake is to leave My SMTP server requires authentication checkbox unchecked. This option should be always enabled, since SiteGround servers require such authentication.

2. Try using the alternative TCP port 2525 for the smtp server. For more information check this URL:

Setting up your email is easy when you have the right host by your side. If you need a reliable partner to help you resolve email issues and provide expert support, check out our email hosting services.

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