OsCommerce Admin Login Problems

If you cannot log into your OsCommerce admin area try the following:

1. Open your OsCommerce database through PhpMyAdmin. If you are not sure which it is check the file includes/configure.php and look for a constant called 'DB_DATABASE'.

2. Run the following two queries:

  id int(11) NOT NULL auto_increment,
  user_name varchar(32) NOT NULL,
  user_password varchar(40) NOT NULL,
) ;

INSERT INTO administrators (iduser_nameuser_password) VALUES
(1, 'adm', '2272bd2219e0bbc353e33f1e774c9d1e:11');

3. The above will create a new administrator with login 'adm' and password 'pass11'.

Usually problems with admin login in OsCommerce are caused after an upgrade, contributions installation or security issues. In some cases the above steps might not help you resolve the problem and it is recommended to seek professional assistance. In case you are interested Siteground is pleased to offer you its Oscommerce hosting package where such issues are easily resolved.

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